102 TM-CNC Robot | High precision lathe with exceptional characteristics

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102 TM-CNC with robot Zoom « 102 TM-CNC with robot (ESC key to close)
102 TM-CNC with robot

Please note that the 102TM is not suited for large-batch production (as neither a bar feeder nor an automatic chip discharge system other than an extraction system can be connected). This is the reason why it is recommended only to use the 102TM with integrated robot to machine blanks which produce small chip volumes. The X axis slideway can be equipped with automatic lubrication system 0202-17000-000 (option). Moreover, the vacuum clamping system (option) and the B-type «formed collets – which are only two examples of the large range of SMSA accessories – enable a large variety of workpieces to be clamped in the spindle.

102 TM-CNC with robot Zoom « 102 TM-CNC with robot (ESC key to close)
102 TM-CNC with robot

Application examples

  • Machining of semi-finished parts when used as stand-alone machine
  • Integration in a production line for turning series parts
  • Remachining of parts having manufacturing or machining faults.


  • In-machine robot => shorter workpiece loading times compared to a machine with external robot (shorter travel, workpiece loading during processing; no operator door which must be opened or closed)
  • The user can produce his own pallets => high flexibility, high speed
  • Pallet change can be automated.
  • The robot can be equipped with various grippers (any kind of gripping pliers, vacuum grippers, solenoids, ...).
  • Space-saving design thanks to the robot integrated in the machine instead of an external robot
  • Protection of the operators from robot movements by simply locking the 2 machine doors and the access cover between machining area and workpiece loading/unloading area ==> better access to the machining area than on a machine with external robot. Needless to say, the machine is provided with a complete metal sheet enclosure to protect the operators from any ejected parts (better protection than e.g. by a protective grid as it is used on manufacturing cells). The system comes up to the pertinent EU requirements.
  • When using special holders for reversing the workpiece, the workpieces can be machined on both sides. The workpiece is reversed during processing.
  • Robot programming is very easy.
  • In numerous countries, Mitsubishi has direct or indirect representatives to support its customers in the best possible manner, be it in terms of programming or of troubleshooting.
  • The robot can be programmed using an operating desk or a PC.
Technical characteristics
Number of axis 6
Total weight per part 2 kg
Repetability ± 0.02 mm
IP 65

Longlife High Precision