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Schaublin Machines SA has its headquarters in the heart of the region from which the Swiss machine tool industry originates. Various companies with international reputation have been established in the region of the Jura Arc and the construction of high-precision machine tools has enabled the inhabitants of this region to collect a well-founded know-how and to make further progresses in mechanical technology in the course of time. This is the ideal basis for the construction of high-precision machinery.

More than a century after the company's foundation, and after extensive experiences in the fields of the construction of lathes and milling machines, Schaublin Machines SA will continue to follow always the same target - the construction of high-precision machinery. Today, we are constructing and distributing conventional lathes, CNC lathes and vertical machining centers milling.

The famous Schaublin lathes 102 and 70, of which we have been able to sell more than 100,000 pieces worldwide in the past, are still following their successful way. As a kind of bonus, they are equipped with various auxiliary devices such as the frequency converter (model sign CF) and the integrated motor (model identification MI).
Moreover, we make it a point of honor to equip our CNC lathes and machining centers with the precision which has always been the special merit of the products of Schaublin Machines SA. For this purpose, we are continuously striving to improve our products by implementing newly developed technologies. The strong point of these machines and of their auxiliary devices is their high precision.

You will easily find customers who are working with machines from Schaublin Machines SA being more than 60 years old and who are still very satisfied with them. And that makes us proud.

Longlife High Precision

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